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Our Story

Photo courtesy of  Jeremiah Wilson

Photo courtesy of Jeremiah Wilson


The Plan was simple...

Or at least that's what artist, Eric Helvie, thought when in 2009, after living and working in Marion, Indiana for six years, he and his wife, Megan, decided to move themselves and their two-year-old son, Elliott, to New York City. The plan was to find an apartment, find a studio and start making paintings. The hope was that the rest would fall into place.

Now, nearly ten years later, Eric, his family and a handful of close friends have decided to work together to help other artists bridge the gap between Marion, Indiana and New York City. Why? Because it's a big jump and every artist could use a little support as they take one of the biggest risks of their life. And, because simple plans never turn out to be quite so simple.   


Our Current Board Members Are...

Tashema Davis

Eric Helvie

Ryan Johnson

Katie Karnehm-Esh

Trenton McBeth

Graham McClanahan

Randy Powers

Sophie Stewart

Torri Williams Doehla

Kevin Wright