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We think New York City lives up to the hype. There's no denying that its energy inspires artists to create incredible work. New York is a great place to make art, but it can be a tricky place to navigate and a very difficult place to find your feet. The cost of space in the city makes it difficult to stage large scale projects. That's where we come in. We hope that by establishing a vital bridge between New York City and the Midwest, New York-based artists will be able to leverage the slower pace and generous space that Marion provides. We also hope that Midwest-based artists will benefit from easy access to NYC and all its opportunities. We believe that by nurturing a dynamic relationship between both locations we will be able to bring together a community of artists with the ability to tackle any creative endeavor.


our Space

As a New York-based non-profit, Marion Studio Project not only works to help artists leverage space in the Midwest but we also generously open up our New York contact list to help Midwest-based artists meet people in the city. We also work to find them short term accommodations in order to make a visit or move to NYC more manageable. It's not every day that you come across a network of New York creatives who are ready and willing to introduce you to the city they love.

Right now our main hub is a three-bedroom apartment in Central Harlem on the garden level of a historic brownstone. Located four blocks from the 2/3 line and just ten blocks north of Central Park this space offers easy access to Manhattan and comes with the opportunity to work in a spacious 500 square foot studio in the East Village.


Our goal in New York City is to Locate, Renovate and Activate.


Locate: We are currently working to find a larger and more permanent, Harlem-based facility.

This sister-space to our Marion location will function as a versatile live-work studio and solidify our mission of "bridging the gap between Marion, Indiana, New York City and the art world at large."

Renovate: Once we've located and confirmed a live-work space in New York we plan to update both the studio and home.

Our goal is to create a contemporary space in Harlem that acknowledges the history of the structure while updating it to provide comfortable accommodations for studio interns, assistants and visiting artists-in-residence. All renovations to the living space and studio will be made with the idea that where form meets function, people thrive.


We believe that People Activate Space.


We're fully aware that a beautiful facility isn't enough: we need great people. That’s where you come in. We're currently searching for local, national and international talent to partner with and support either through our internship program, future New York-based artist-in-residence program or our New York contact list. We’re also looking for donors willing to partner with us to help solidify our live-work space in New York City. No gift is too small and every contribution puts us closer to our goal. We’d love to talk to you.

If you’re interested in contributing to either the Location, Renovation or Activation of our future New York space please don’t hesitate to email us at: info@marionstudioproject.org