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marion, indiana



We believe Marion is the perfect place to "set up shop" and the ideal location to stage projects of all shapes and sizes. We hope that by establishing a vital bridge between the Midwest and New York City, local, Indiana-based artists will gain access to the art world while leveraging the time and space that Marion provides. We feel that nurturing this dynamic relationship will bring together a community of artists with the ability to tackle any creative endeavor.


Our Space

Built in 1890 and located in the heart of downtown Marion at 803 South Washington Street, our facility has seen plenty of change over the years. Initially constructed as an upscale residence for Marion's wealthier citizens, this free-standing brick home went on to host the likes of a twentieth century opium rehab, a 1930's furniture showroom (in 1949, the showroom expanded and built the warehouse addition), a legendary local music venue called "The 803" and the administrative offices of Gethsemane Episcopal Church.

Now, once again, this beautiful house/warehouse hybrid has changed hands and Marion Studio Project is honored to receive it. We're committed to the city of Marion and proud to be partnering with Gethsemane Episcopal to create a cultural hub with community concerns. We've found our home. Art lives here.


Our Goal is to Renovate and Activate.

We plan to overhaul our entire facility in two phases.


Phase One: The Warehouse


Our goal is to transform the entire two thousand square foot warehouse space into a world-class, multi-disciplinary art studio. This intentionally minimal space will facilitate fine art production but will also be infused with versatility, allowing it to host projects of all shapes and sizes.


Phase Two: The House

Our space in its current condition.

Our space in its current condition.

The proposed look of our renovated space. *rendering                                                                                             

The proposed look of our renovated space. *rendering                                                                                             

Our goal is to create a contemporary living space that acknowledges the diverse history of the existing structure while updating it to provide comfortable accommodations for studio interns, assistants and visiting artists-in-residence. All home renovations will be made with the idea that where form meets function, people thrive. 


We believe that people activate space.


We're fully aware that a beautiful facility isn't enough: we need great people. That’s where you come in. We're currently searching for local, national and international talent to partner with and support either through our internship program, our hired assistant positions or our artist-in-residence program. We’re open to proposals across disciplines and fields of interest, as well. We’re also searching for donors willing to help us get this project off the ground. No gift is too small and every contribution puts us closer to our goal. We’d love to talk to you.

If you’re interested in contributing to either the Renovation or Activation of our space please don’t hesitate to email us at: info@marionstudioproject.org